Survival Is The Most Important And Primitive Aspect Of Human Lives

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Stories about survival have been popular since, virtually, the beginning of time, as survival is the most important and primitive aspect of human lives. It is the force that drove our evolution and refined us to our current stature today, so it is no surprise that we are amused by tales of robust endurance against the most severe circumstances. The stories The Inheritor and Side Bet are two prime examples of our fascination with these types of tales, but, when comparing the two stories of survival, one reigns as superior, with more vivid details of the setting, greater and more dynamic characters, and a more compelling plot. Between the two stories The
Inheritor by Frank Roberts, and Side Bet by Will F. Jenkins, Side Bet prevails as the better survival story, supported by a myriad of powerful elements.
Though sometimes unnoticed, the setting of a story is a keystone aspect in all narratives, especially in this case; it sketches out the story, while the plot and characters colour it in. In the story Side Bet, the author provides extremely vivid details, through the use of animated and eloquent words, which is important in a survival story, as the environment is almost always the root cause of all the problems. One especially detailed paragraph, the opening passage of Side Bet, is a brilliant example of this:
“There was a vast blue bowl which was the sky. Across it, with agonizing slowness, there marched a brazen sun which poured down light to dazzle and burn out the man’s…

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