Supporting Research From The Relevant Scientific Paper

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Supporting Research from the Relevant Scientific Paper: There has been an increased study about neighborhoods to see if the environment does affect children and youth. Leventhal & Brooks-Gun (2003) stated that “neighborhoods’ impact remains debatable.” That is only because of other influence such as family. However, Leventhal & Brooks-Gun (2003) also state that based on evidence from randomized experiments, where the influences from family is controlled, that neighborhoods do in fact matter. Some small experiments found that children that lived in higher income neighborhoods had higher cognitive abilities than children who lived in middle income neighborhoods. They also had better high school achievements than those in middle income neighborhoods. Children from low income neighborhoods had more physical and mental problems than children who lived in middle income neighborhoods. There have been experimental and non experimental studies to show how the neighborhood matters. In non experimental studies, researchers use data from the census-based measures. The information is filled in by the population every decade. The information is limited to income, racial background, percentage of homeowners, and the percentage of people with high school diplomas. The census represents the term “neighborhood” in the studies. Researches focus mostly on income and racial background. Findings have shown a consistent pattern in how neighborhoods affect children development. Children who…

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