Supply Chain Performance Measuring The Potential Operational Success

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erational efficiency with a view to exploit potential operational success (Stock and Lambert, 2000)

Supply chain performance measuring helps an organization in a number of ways. Firstly the measurements directly guide actions of operations staff hence indirectly influence performance; secondly some key measures help in keeping a firm on track in achieving its supply chain enhancement objectives; thirdly they support fact-based decision making based on outputs of performance measures against objectives; fourthly they communicate supply chain requirements for monitoring, continuous improvements and change management in companies; and lastly they motivate better supplier performance (Monczka, 2011).According to Barrow (2013) organizations that have achieved service leadership as well as cost leadership manage an efficient Supply chains in terms of flexibility, customer service and are cost effective.

1.1.3 Mobile Phone Sector in Kenya

Mobile phones were initially introduced in Kenyan market in 1992, however fast market growth gained momentum in 1998 when Kenya Communication Act was enacted. This paved way for introduction of competition in the cellular mobile industry (Loice, 2014). According to Communication Authority of Kenya (2015), there are four licenced Mobile phone service operators in Kenya. These are Safaricom Limited, Telkom Kenya (Orange), Airtel Networks Limited and Finserve Africa Limited (Equitel).Safaricom is the Market leader with a Market share of 67.1%,…

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