Superheroes Role Model Essay

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Superheroes have become the role models for many young people around the world. Superheroes are seen as the justice seekers, who will defeat the villains. Villains and anti-heroes on the other hand are seen as the bad guys as their name says so but, usually is because what they do usually goes against society’s moral code. Magneto for example, is someone who is seen as a villains who outright kills anyone who stands in his way, but he does so because he wants his kind to be able to live free of fear and oppression. He follows a moral code or a rational reasoning in the actions he does. Superheroes are shown to have great self-restraint in order to fight evil. Batman for example, is someone who will do his best to never cross the line of killing …show more content…
The Joker for example, everything he does to harm others is for the fun of it. The Joker usually acts irrationally, he just kills and steals because is funny to him. He does not follow any rational moral codes on which he lives by. The Joker acts on purely instinct, that being of creating chaos everywhere he is. He enjoys seeing chaos spread around him it what drives him to continue doing it. However, his morals are not twisted. Let me explain, the Joker knows what he is doing is wrong, but he does it anyway. He acknowledges that he is evil and he enjoys it. The Joker knows what is considered moral and immoral to society, this is why Batman despises the Joker and what he does. However, he always refrains himself from killing the Joker and this is because Immanuel Kant. Robert Arp in his essay “V is for Villain”, explained how Kant’s reasoning that all Humans are “rational beings, capable of making their own free and informed decisions” (Arp 47). For this reason we can see Joker as a person who freely chooses how he lives and what moral code he follows. The Joker’s moral code might not be rational to society but to him is rational enough to act upon it. Furthermore, the Joker can be a moral example, maybe he cannot be an example for good but he is a moral example of what people should not

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