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Problem Statement: The problem statement is a question that identifies the independent variable and the dependent variable. The Independent Variable is the factor that will change between the testing groups. The Dependent Variable is the effect that is measure (the data collected). In this science project the independent variable is the acidity of the water and for the dependent variable is the rate of growth of the sunflower plants. The experiment problem statements is: How does acidic water affect the growth of sunflower plants?

Research Summary: The symbol "pH" stands for potential hydrogen, it has a scale of 0-14, 7 indicates neutral and below 7 indicate very acidic, while much higher than 7 is very basic, also called alkalinity. In order for plants to have normal
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This experiment supported the hypothesis because it showed that the more acidic the water was the more it affected the plant's growth. The average height for Pot A was 8.6cm, Pot B was 7.5cm, Pot C was 3.3cm, Pot D was 0cm, And Pot E was 0cm. Pot A was less acidic and had more growth than the plants with more acid which answer the problem statement, yes acidic water affects the growth of sunflowers.

In any experiment there with always be errors, in this experiment the measurement of sulfuric acid add might not be the exact amount it should have been and this may have affected the growth of the plant, also the height of the plants might have been measured accurately and it may also affected the graph, and the amount of water add might not have been the exact 200ml it should have been and it affects the plant by having more sulfuric acid in the water. If this experiment would be repeated then what should be done differently to have fewer errors, would be measuring things more carefully and accurately also record the number as exact as

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