Summer Camp - Original Writing Essay examples

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When I was 12, going into 6th grade I went to summer camp. The camped was called Aloha Hive In Fairlee, Vermont. This was an all girls camp geared towards teaching girls skills such as, pitching a tent, hiking, making a fire, sailing, swimming among other things. Everyday at breakfast we would sign up for the activities we want to participate in for that day. On morning as I was eating an scanning over the list of the day 's activities my eye fixated on something called a “solo”. Immediately I started to wonder what is was, it was under the “hiking/outdoors section”. Do I hike..solo? Do I go and stay in the woods..solo? Do I camp..solo? Swim..solo? My hand shot up as soon as my counselor asked who had questions. “What is a solo?” I belted out infront of everyone. She responded with a small laugh and said “It 's something what is too popular among the campers here. Basically I will lead a group of you into woods surrounding camp, each of you will get your own camp ground. You will get a potato, a match set and a sleeping bag. We will all be close enough to each other for safety reasons, but you will not be able to see each other, I will be in the middle.” More questions flooded my mind “What if a bear comes? What if I can 't make the fair? What if it rains? And when do I sign up?

With a small bag packed and my shoes laced up I ventured off into the woods. Our group was no bigger than 8 people including our counselor. Surrounding the camp grounds was a beautiful…

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