Summary : ' The Problem Of Evil ' Essay example

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Keller begins his book by giving the reader a little insight into his personal ministry. He writes that the number one stumbling block for people when they consider religion is exclusivity. He then goes on to agree, saying that the exclusive nature and teachings of some religions are off-putting. In a secular worldview there are three ways to deal with this: outlaw religion, condemn religion, or keep religion private. However, Keller’s next point is a rather important one: Christianity can save the world. Dr. Keller teaches that Christianity in its purist form is not an exclusive religion; rather it is a religion that is open to any and all to join. Chapter two teaches about the problem of evil. Dr. Keller writes that evil is not evidence against God, but rather it is evidence for God, if anything. Keller then goes on to write that readers should remember that Christ and God the Father both suffered and went through evil. They, however, went through it willingly to save mankind. He teaches that through the cross the resurrection of Christ was not all that occurred, but our salvation was granted as well. The beginning of the third chapter is rather interesting because Dr. Keller again looks at Christianity through the lens of a skeptic. His resulting view is a popular one that teaches that Christianity is a restrictive religion that keeps people tied down to this and that doctrine. Dr. Keller’s next section teaches that truth is unavoidable because regardless of…

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