Essay on Summary : ' The East Side Of The Sidewalk '

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Summary Write-Up:
Location of the Site: Edge of the ravine, Just past the second bridge near Padnos. It is on the east side of the sidewalk (must note: in the proximity of another groups project, but near a tree on the ravine’s edge).
Initial Week: We had a variety of artifacts, four potsherds, six stone flakes, and one bone (with meat on it for the initial week and then without from weeks one to three). During the initial week, we set up our site in a square (50 cm x 50 cm with 71 cm hypotenuses). The bone was placed in the upper right-hand corner (which would be the eastern half of the site box and it is more near the southern end). The potsherds and stone flakes were then placed throughout the site box (four stone flakes with two potsherds near the western half of the site and in the upper left-hand corner are two flakes with on potsherd). *Note: The soil composition is loose and the site is close the edge of the ravine, potentially the site is on a slight angle. *
Week One: *I must not that just before the Week One photo was taken the weather was rainy, nails had shifted a bit from the ground washing out. Also, one day when I passed by the site there were slugs present on the bone. * Week One, we observed the movement of artifacts. One of the stone flakes near the potsherd by the western side of the site box shifted from being in close proximity of the potsherd to more of the eastern side of the site box. There are two ways this stone flake…

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