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Chapter 3. Reading to Toddlers
This third chapter looks at reading to toddlers and perhaps this may not sound that crazy or amazing to you as reading to babies. Toddlers are at a stage where they sit, walk and play as of their own accord. Toddlers also start talking after they turn one and are able to apply their concentration on one thing for a longer period of time. However, most toddler do not read and are still being read to, so we will apply some of the rules we set in the previous chapter for babies and then add on a couple of new rules.

What do we mean by toddlers?
We start this chapter by first looking at what exactly we mean by the term’ toddlers’. Well, your baby turns into a toddler when he/she starts to toddle or walk around.
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In fact a toddler should feel more excited about starting a new story in comparison to playing on a computer, I-pad or smart phone. This is only possible when you inculcate the habit of reading to your kids.

What type of books would your toddler like?
So how do you figure out what kind of books your toddler would like to read. Again, as in the case of choosing and reading baby books this whole process may seem confusing. However, when you are looking for books to read to your toddler their are a couple of rules you could follow.

As in the case with babies, pick out books for toddler which are colourful and easy to catch attention. Instread of cloth books you can graduate on to simple picture concept board books. Toddler are beginning to understant the idea of colours, shapes and different sizes. That should be reflected in the books you choose for them. Its advisable to read books with which contain rhymes, songs and repeative words or sounds so that your toddler can pick up on them and remember
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This will help them participate in the story and it will also help them feel more competent and confident.

How to Start the Reading Process for your Toddler
One of the best times to have a reading session with your toddler is when its close to their bed time after they have been fed and bathed. You can take them up in their room, light a lamp, sit them in your lap and take out the choosen books. Make sure that your toddler has a clear view of the book and its pictures, also he/she can touch the book.

The majority of your books for your toddler should be tried and tested books which they like listing to. When your toddler does eventually get bored of a story book, he/she will tell you when they want new stories. Offer your toddler crayones and pencils so that they can play with something while they listen to you.

In order to make the whole story telling process easy-to-understand remember to read slowly. Change your voice tone and accent to fit various characters and situations in the story plot. Repeat interesting words, phrases, rhymes and songs. You can stop and ask your toddler questions and wait for them to respond. You can even try and bring some puppets or other props to liven up the

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