Summary Of Women In Women's Novels

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Woman are set to create desire for men and often thought of the weak and vulnerable of the two sex. The romance formula glorifies the distance between sexes (Snitow 136). Atwood portrays woman as submissive and defenceless to the men. In “Woman’s Novels”, woman aren’t respected, men take their sexuality for granted, must be affiliated with love, and should always be married. Women often hide their “desires” to protect the reputation that they must maintain to keep status in society. In Women’s Novels the heroine needs to wear a costume to cover over her breast and all discretion. Women have to keep their sexuality to themselves and pretend to not have any sexual feelings towards their partners, only men can dominate over her and the heroine …show more content…
In Woman’s Novels, the female profession is to either be a nurse or bride. Both of which is to nurture other people. Woman must be intelligent but not too intelligent. Woman can be educated but can’t be more intellectual than their spouse. Women must also have regular teeth and pluck and both breast the same size and no facial hair. The perfect woman has to be pretty with a little bit of spunk but not too much. To be married the heroine needs to be pleasing to the eye, men should like the way you look in appearance, it doesn’t matter if you have a horrible personality, and as long as you are pretty you are guaranteed to be married by a man with fortune. According to Keller the only purpose for a female’s existence is to serve her spouse and offspring. This is a way to pay for her security, to keep her security in the household she must oblige to her husband. A women’s happiness depends on the man (Keller 12). If she continues to be passive to her husband, he will let the women function as she does daily, but if she doesn’t then she will be punished to do what her spouse makes her with force. Males always get the last word in the house, whether they’re right or wrong the women must follow, because if the women were to lash out, her livelihood would be at stake. Woman could be widows, but would often be considered ugly or old, they would often be maids or nurses caring for other families. The ultimate goal in life for a woman is to get married, to be financially aid and to have a secure life with a

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