Summary Of The Short Story ' The Girls Of Their Summer Dresses ' By Irwin Shaw

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In the short story, "The Girls in Their Summer Dresses", illustrated by Irwin Shaw, it involves a couple whom is walking the streets of Manhattan. One person may not just have a focus on their significant other, but rather many others of the opposite gender. Some, may say that their relationship is like any others. However, it is described as hurtful or unacceptable. Married couples need to be focused on their significant other, meaning only showing affection and love to that person. Thus, allowing a healthy and less complicated relationship.
Is the word love something that needs to be thrown around, or is it a word that is meaningful and powerful? Does one word, get the point a crossed of how truly affectionate someone is to another? Love is something that makes the heart grow fonder. Therefore, being passionate is what love is all about - giving your all to that one other person and expecting the same in return. However, in some situations, it is a one-way street - one person being passionate and the other being apathetic. A relationship that would be better known as Michael and Frances Loomis. It is normal for a couple to maybe think something of someone, good or bad. It is also quite normal, to possibly take a glance at someone other than your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. However, in Frances and Michaels relationship, one may just have their eye consistently on someone else. Michael, has a strong belief that there is only a certain amount of beautiful women in…

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