Summary Of ' The Morning Along The Watershed ' Essay

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Waking in the morning along the watershed usually meant just another bland beginning to another bland, uneventful day. Most days, Charity hated getting out of bed in the mornings, she preferred to lay in bed a few minutes moaning, groaning, and stretching before getting up- especially once the weather began to turn cooler the way it had in recent weeks; however, on this early October day in the year 1829, fourteen year old Charity Finley sprang out of bed like a jackrabbit ready to run a race with a hare. Something special was going to happen that day; she knew it as surely as she knew her own name- however, she’d also been having a nagging pain in her innards that foretold a warning of some sort; a premonition that everything was not as it seemed.
Hesitating a moment because of another of those nagging aches in her belly, Charity stopped mid-stride to question her feelings before going into the kitchen to start breakfast for her and her grandfather.
Her grandparents had always told her that she had a “gift of knowing,” and that she needed to hone in on those feelings when they came to her. When alive, her grandmother, Mi’ thebe, possessed the same gift. Her grandmother, Mi’ thebe, had been a full-blood- a Cherokee - the daughter of, Shooting Arrow, Shaman of the Bird Clan of the South Carolina mountains north of Savannah- the English words for her grandmother’s name was, Shadowy Moon.
After stoking the fire, she put a few pieces of bacon in a frying pan and set it on the…

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