Essay on Summary Of ' The Martial Arts '

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Ambidexterity in the Martial Arts
My thoughts on ambidexterity go back to early childhood, long before I had even known there was such a word to describe being able to use both sides of the body with equal ability. When I was a child entering elementary school in the first grade during the middle 1960’s I had naturally started to learn how to print and write using my left hand. However, much to the dismay of my teacher and my parents, the thought of me writing with my left hand must have been shocking and not in line with the teaching methods of that time so they corrected me and switched my writing hand from the left hand to the right hand.
I’ve often wondered why they changed the hand I was to learn to write with. Perhaps it was because the teacher thought it should be done that way? Or, it might have had biblical significance because my parents were deeply religious and the thought of being on “The Right Side” was very important to them so, for one of those reasons I was changed from left hand to right hand writing.
Regardless of the reason why, I was changed from left hand to right but the quality of my penmanship suffered and I have never been satisfied with the appearance of my writing or the fluidity of my penmanship so I have just practiced to get better at it. For example, when I pitch a baseball, I pitch it with my left hand and I also catch better with my left hand. When bowling I can use either hand. When I kick a football the right leg is the preferred leg I…

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