Summary Of ' The Marist College Archives ' Essay

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Gus Nolen: Today is August twenty fourth. We 're meeting this afternoon in the Marist college library with Chris (Christina) Vertullo. She 's a member of the Marist faculty and has been with the college for a Good number of years good after noon Chris.
Christina Vertullo: Good afternoon Gus, how are you?
GN: I am good. Chris I think I explain to some time ago that this is a recording to be used in the Marist College archives. We 're trying to get a picture of from those who have been here for number of years a long view of the college and how it has developed, it history and development in the last two decades, three decades. I think you can be a very valuable asset to this enterprise. First however, though let’s get an overview of yourselves. Say few words please because about your early life. Where were you born, went to school, and early interests?
CV: Sure Gus So I was born on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Grew up in Woodside, Long Island in the first four years of my life. Moved to the Adirondacks by Lake George. I had an immigrant father who believe children were assets. And we worked from early ages on. We had motel business which we physically built. Which I worked at got a lot of leadership qualities through that work. Learn to drive a tractor at age twelve and became a woman with many abilities, qualities of building.
GN: Chris in that period of time talk about some interest that you had. Outside to work did you read much, listen to music? I don 't know if…

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