Essay on Summary Of ' The ' I Don 't Know Who You '

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“Uh….hi.” Marinette greeted shyly her mind going in to over load; she was going to kill Alya for talking her into this, if she survived the day.
The tall bored looking man Alya had been talking too; before she had run off abandoning her friend, nodded approvingly at her before speaking, “I am Gabriel Agreste…Adrien’s father.” He introduced shaking the woman’s hand.
Marinette gave the man a confused look, “E-excuse me but who’s Adrien?” she asked nervously looking at the ground in embarrassment.
“Dude, she didn’t tell you?” the other young man said in disbelief.
Marinette shook her head no but smiled softly glad the one young man wasn’t as serious as Gabriel, “I don’t know who you are either.” She admitted fingering the edge of her dark jacket nervously.
“I see, she is good at keeping secrets I suppose.” Gabriel said nodding. “Very well I’ll have to tell you. As we explained to you friend Chat Noir is an alias for my son, Adrien.” He explained motion to the young man.
Marinette nodded not really understanding what was happening, but she didn’t want to make the man mad. “I see.” She replied nervously swaying back in forth in a failed attempt to calm her nerves.
“Very well Nino and I have some things to discuss about our next public move why don’t you and Adrien…acquaint yourselves.” Gabriel stated pointing to his son before walking out of the room, the bespectacled young man, Nino if Marinette remembered correctly followed after.
Marinette quickly found a spot in a…

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