Summary Of ' The ' I Can 't Take This Anymore ' Essay

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JJ 's POV-
I can 't take this anymore. The other sidemen don 't care about me. I doubt they even love me anymore, but it 's not hard to see why. Ethan was the lovable one. Josh was the person everybody went to for support. Simon constantly showered everybody with love. Tobi was a fucking angel. Harry was the affectionate one. Vik was just plain adorable. Me? I was the asshole. I made an offensive joke about Ethan. I insulted Josh. I picked on Simon, even though I knew he had a bad day. I refused to let Tobi cuddle with me because I had to edit. I insulted Harry 's childishness. I yelled at Vik so loud that he cried. I deserve all the neglect I 've been getting. The only attention I 've been getting recently was the occasional kiss on the cheek or an "I love you" that was occasionally forced from somebody.
Today, all of the sidemen were relaxing in the living room, binging trashy TV shows. Ethan and Simon were cuddling together on the couch while Josh, Harry, Vik, and Tobi were cuddling under a blanket. I, on the other hand, was sitting by myself in the recliner. Nobody bothered to talk to me, or even spare a glance my way. They don 't love you. They don 't even care about you anymore. I thought to myself, frowning. "I 'm going to bed, guys." I announced, standing up. "Mk." Simon grunted, not moving his gaze from the TV. My heart sunk at the lack of attention or love I was receiving. Storming upstairs, I began to pack my bags, not wanting to stay here any longer. After I had…

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