Summary Of The Book ' The Robinson ' Essay examples

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The Robinson’s finally ask me to babysit for them again! I’m literally ecstatic about this, I haven’t seen little Johnny or Tessa in 4 whole months! Tessa is a cute, 6 year old, brunette munchkin. She wears these really adorable glasses that wrap around her head so they don’t fall off! Her deep blue eyes always brighten my day.Then there’s Johnny, Tessa’s twin brother. Johnny is the absolute sweetest gentleman I know. He always walks me to his bedroom when I, I mean he escorts me to his room for bedtime. Mister and Misses had a little bumpy road, hence why they haven’t called me to babysit. But, when they found out Mrs. Robinson was pregnant with another set of twins, they couldn’t feel more blessed and happy to be a family. I drive up Boone Creek Rd. and I count the houses on the left. The Robinson residence is the 6th. I find the house and it 's pouring rain outside. The raindrops look like tears on my window. I park in the driveway and as I walk up the steps, I hear a little girl scream. I freak out, but then I realize as the front door opens, It’s my munchkin. “Tessa!”. I scream out loud.
“Auntie Jessie!” she screams at me. As I walk closer to the door, Johnny grabs my arm and says, “this way.” then escorts me into the house. I see Mr. Robinson. He is all dapper. He obviously got himself all groomed up for whatever was happening tonight. He stood a confident 6’3 with an Italian name-brand suit I couldn’t even pronounce. His charming self had his hair combed over all…

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