Summary Of The Book ' Scott Hahn ' Essays

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Scott Hahn may have written A Father Who Keeps His Promises, however, that does not mean that it was his only book. Scott, aside from having written a number of books, has also been a professor of theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville since 1990. Not only is he a teacher and author but he is an excellent speaker. Scott has proved himself to be a very credible source through all that he has done. The main theme of this book is about God’s love for his family. He would do anything for them, and he always keeps his promises. God just wants the best for all of his children. Hahn did a great job at examining the scripture and then relating it back to himself in order to give examples from the present day. Readers would not have been able to connect with this book if Hahn did not personalize it in some way. For example, he tells his audience a story on how he was in second grade when he got the news he was moving. He examined the building process of his soon to be home, and related back to when God created the world step by step. Building a house is just like the creation story. First they needed to find property, then put the foundation in, place the concrete, build the first and second story and so on. Matching it with the creation story is explaining how God made something new everyday, he started off with Day and Night, Sea and Sky, Land and Vegetation and so on. Scotts’ thesis was that although God makes promises and may not go through with them…

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