Summary Of The Article 'Forgotten Fruits'

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Some small acts, maybe will change the country. In the magazine article “Forgotten Fruits”, the author who is named Rowan Jacobsen talks about on the Common Ground Country Fair, John Bunker put different types of apples on display. Then the author introduced a lot of information about apple’s history and also share about plan apples. Base on apples, author starts to tell about John Bunker’s story with apples. He talked about how John Bunker influenced by apples and how apples effect John Bunker. Thus, John Bunker brings various apples back to America and make America better. John Bunker also became an important person for “American apple’s community”. Therefore, there are five points that I found in the article are prove why do people like John Bunker are important. They are eager, determined, responsible, pay attention on details and they are also givers. First of all, John Bunker is an eager person. Although John already understand very many of information about apples, he still would like to know more about apples. According to the article, John Bunker always helps people to answer questions that they have about apples. However, he is …show more content…
Givers are important people to our society. The author wrote that John Bunker said although we are in the world did not invent anything, it is our decisions to do something for the future generations. We should not just alive as a receiver. (Jacobsen 62) It proves that John would like to be a contributor. However, he is an important contributor to American agriculture. The author used ethos around here, too. It emphasizes about how John is important to America agriculture. It is not everyone would like to be a giver for a country because it is always a hard work. People would like to be a giver always could be an important person to a country. Finally, people who are contributors always has something for our society and they make our countries better. That is why they are always

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