Summary Of ' The Angel ' Essay

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There are many things in life that create pleasure, and everyone enjoys pleasurable things. So imagine that you are a spirit in heaven and are awaiting your turn for life on earth. You are standing in line, and when it is your turn to see the angel who gives you your life, you are faced with a question. The angel asks you to make a choice between the life of Haydn and the life of an oyster. The angel even says that he will make a bargain with you because he is desperate to get rid (I would use a different term) of the oyster life. He says, that if you choose the life of Hayden, you will be a famous musician, loved by many, and have a very pleasurable life, but you will die well before your time. (I would rephrase this) However, if you choose the life of the oyster, you can live as long as you want and will enjoy endless pleasure that would be compared to sitting in a warm bath in a blissful daze. There are two philosophers who have theories that help in making this decision. There is Bentham, who is known for his quantitative hedonism, and Mill, who is known for his qualitative hedonism. For something to be quantitative it must be able to be measured. So in looking at Bentham’s theory of quantitative hedonism, we find that we are able to measure pleasure. Bentham measures all pleasure the same and to figure out the amount of pleasure that a pleasure exudes, he has a set of seven guidelines. The first thing, one must look at when figuring out the amount of pleasure…

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