A Life Beyond Do What You Love Essay

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I believe almost everyone encounters a feeling of doubt when it comes to their future; no matter how prepared they think they are. In Gordon Marino’s ‘A Life Beyond Do What You Love’, he explains that sometimes the right (sometimes even ethical) thing to do is not what you love, but whatever it is that will allow a person to fulfil their responsibilities and take care of their family. Dr. Marino states he is an advisor, occupational counselor, and counsels economically. Marino uses the experiences of others to show that some chose to pursue what they love and others take on the sacrifice to provide. The main purpose of his argument is to give the reader a better understanding of the question “But is “do what you love” wisdom or malarkey?” (p 1, p 4). Gordon Marino creates an extremely effective argument beyond doing what you love, which is pursuing a profession that supports family, society, and feeds responsibilities over doing what you love to do. He provides his argument using real and personal experiences, with the help of anecdote, hypophora, rhetorical question, and procatalepsis.
Gordon Marino uses anecdotes, strengthening his argument and effectiveness by providing brief personal stories to include experiences he has witnessed. Dr. Marino uses an anecdote to open a personal experience; “Just the other day” (page 1, para 2), giving a statement to highlight his credibility, he then discusses how he attended an appointment a sophomore had made to talk about his future…

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