Summary Of ' Sal ' The Castle ' Essay

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Once upon a time far, far away there was a dragon that lived in a castle, her name was Sal. This castle had been a home to many dragons, of all different sizes and colors, before her. They all came in different varieties, some had stripes and others had spots, the colors were plentiful. Sal’s colors varied from bright green to a deep blue and every color in between, she did not have a specific pattern, instead the colors softly blended together. The only word to describe her appearance was beautiful, simply beautiful. Although she was beautiful, her appearance did not matter. She lived in the castle with her mother and father and there were no other dragons around to impress. That did not matter to her though because her family was her most prized possesion on earth, they would do everything together and stick together through thick and thin.
Sal grew up only knowing her parents way of life. With this being said, she was raised pretty well. Her parents taught her to love like they loved her and only hoped to someday meet a wandering dragon that she could first become friends with and get to know him and eventually make a family. She could not wait to be able to love and get love in return from another dragon. Until that day came, she would work her hardest to be her best and never give anything less. Sal wanted to be the best possible dragon that she could be so she would stand out for the one that will be hers someday. She was taught to work hard from a very…

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