Summary Of Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief

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My favorite hero story is Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief. The hero of this story is a twelve-year-old named Perseus Jackson. While on a field trip, Percy encounters an ancient monster called a Fury who accuses Percy of stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt. This is Percy’s call to adventure. At the end of the school year, Percy is escorted home by Grover, who, as a satyr, represents Percy’s supernatural aid. Later, on a beach vacation, Percy’s mother, Sally, encounters Grover and decides that Percy needs to go to Camp Half-Blood, a place for demigods like Percy, for his safety. Sally represents the first Meeting with the Goddess. On the way to Camp Half-Blood, they are pursued by all three furies and the Minotaur. Sally is killed by the Minotaur …show more content…
While returning the Bolt to Zeus, Percy encounters his father, Poseidon, and they have a short conversation. This can also be considered in the context of the Atonement with the Father Stage, but is so brief that its significance to the story is minimal. His mother is restored to life. He returns to the Camp, where he discovers that the true thief of the items was his friend, demigod Luke Castellan. Luke offers Percy a chance to oppose the rule of gods, whom Luke argues are foolish and crass, but Percy refuses. Luke attempts to kill Percy, but fails. Percy decides to return to the ordinary world by living with his mother instead of at Camp Half-Blood, but also embodies the Master of Two Worlds Stage as he vows to continue to visit and protect Camp Half-Blood. Lightning Thief mostly conforms to the Hero’s Journey, with the exception of the final conflict with Luke at the end. This break in structure serves to continue the conflict of the story into four more books, but in the larger Hero’s Journey Arc of the series, Luke’s betrayal can be compared to the Woman as Temptress stage. Luke, an older mentor who Percy envies, tries to turn Percy against the gods, and Percy’s decision to remain loyal to the gods is a crucial one in his character

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