Summary Of ' On The Art Of Conversation And On Three Kinds Of Relationships

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Brain stimulation through conversation is ultimately the most desirable goal when conversing with someone else, according to Michel de Montaigne. Montaigne was one of the most knowing philosophers of the French Renaissance who wrote to understand his mind and thoughts better. Also, he wrote real, rational, and true thoughts about the world and the people within it. Montaigne was truly a “mind at work” meaning that he was always writing about his curiosity and what caused his brain to advance intellectually. Specifically, within Montaigne’s essays, “On the Art of Conversation” and “On Three Kinds of Relationships” he explores his thoughts about what exemplifies a friendship and the qualities and traits a real friendship would include. He discusses in his works what types of people his mind is drawn to and the reasoning behind this. Although the ideal friendship according to Montaigne is very rare, it would embrace brain-stimulating conversation with an intellectual man, capable of conversing contradictions of opinion. Conversation and friendship greatly tie into one another as conversing with another intellectual eventually leads to better understanding and knowledge of the world. Montaigne lived his life with a general goal of always seeking to advance his own mind and expand his thoughts. Through companionship and friendship, this is proven to be possible and available to those who seek it. The nature of friendship according to Montaigne stems from conversation. In…

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