Fahrenheit 451 Reader Response Analysis

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Fahrenheit 451:
Reader’s Response Part One
1. “People want to be happy....Don't we keep them moving, don't we give them fun? That’s all we live for, isn't it? For pleasure, for titillation? And you must admit our culture provides plenty of these.”
I agree with the meaning of the quote in the way the author wrote it for the reader to interpret it as, at the basis of the human being all humans want is fun, it's in our nature, and that everything that is done is done for some sort of pleasure and that their society provides many opportunites for just that. I agree with the fact that humans do almost everything for their own pleasure or to please other, but the way the society is set up it only gives certain types of people the opportunity for fun, because they over stimulate the people and just have them watch TV or maybe play sports. The people that were originally very traditional and just read books still might not find pleasure in anything that the society provides like Clarisse, “fun” for her is finding answers to the “why?” questions but society does not provide that.
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What I dislike about this is that the author makes it seem that in this society there is no need for human interaction but I disagree with that because we need human interaction to be able to function and to be able to better ourselves. This quote also brings up the theme of isolation and alienation because of differences or because of technology addictions. In this scene Montag feels isolated from everyone else in the world because most people are technology addicted and they do not interact with each other, but Montag realises that human interaction is essential, which I agree

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