Summary Of Love In The Time Of Cholera

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The story started when Dr. Juvenal Urbino went to the house and examine the dead body of his close friend, Jeremiah Saint-Amour, he killed himself at age of sixty. While examining the room of Jeremiah Saint-Amour, Dr. Juvenal Urbino noticed a bunch of letters that was intended to be sent to him and after reading those letters which contained instructions where to get the money for his burial, Dr. Juvenal Urbino asked the officer and the medical student with him to start fixing the papers for the burial of his friend and no autopsy will be done since the cause of death is already known. But aside from the instructions of Jeremiah Saint-Amour the letter also contained a controversial information that he wants to tell to Dr. Urbino. The letter reveals that Jeremiah Saint-Amour had an affair with a lady for years but didn’t reveal to anyone while he’s alive, so after Dr. Urbino examined the scene where his friend died he went to the house where the lover of his friend lives. Dr. Urbino talked to the lady and informed her that Jeremiah Saint-Amour was already dead but the lady already know that Jeremiah Saint-Amour is committing suicide at the of sixty and before his 61st …show more content…
A real disease because it was shown in the selection novel that cholera is an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically contracted from infected water supplies and causing severe vomiting and diarrhea. It was in the time of cholera where the characters encountered with each other. The cholera disease is real and it played a significant circumstance in being a disease in the time or age of the novel situation. The disease was killing every people that get infected by it. In the novel’s setting, it was in the year of the century where cholera plague was making its tragic and continuous deaths of people. It was illustrated on how it affects the characters of the

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