The Life We Bury Poem Analysis

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The Life we Bury

Eskens Allen. The Life we Bury. Waterville: Wheeler Publishing, 2016. We all have thing in our lives that we would like to bury; things that we are either ashamed or embarrassed about. In the book The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens, the author unveils a terrific story about the main character’s past including his faults, transgressions and triumphs. Throughout the story Joe, a college student, must write a research biography paper from his english class. Joseph brushed off the assignment until last minute and out of complete luck ends up in a nursing home writing about a rapist-murderer dying from pancreatic cancer. Facing constant conflict with the situation surrounding his alcoholic mother, his grandfather’s death, and information
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His mother, who is an alcoholic, has continued to make poor decisions regarding her welfare, and her two sons. When Joe thinks his mother has hit rock bottom, he gets a call from the local police department in regards to her. She had been arrested for driving while drunk, and was calling to inform her son of the situation. After minutes on the phone the mother begins to guilt Joe to use his years worth of saving for college to bail her out of jail. Reluctantly he obeys, mainly thinking of his autistic brother Jeremy being left alone, he immediately regrets his decision. Quick to escalate, her behavior continues to lack responsibility, and Jeremy is neglected once again. After getting bailed out of jail, Jeremy is left alone where he nearly burns down the house. In rage, Joe confronts his mother about her decision making and her response is little to none. Minimal involvement is reflected from the mom, which shows her lackluster care for anyone but herself. During a time when Joe’s mom goes out with her abusive boyfriend Larry, Joe realizes bruises that were left on Jeremy from a fight between him and the boyfriend. Throughout the story, the relationship between Joe and his mother is shown to be progressively getting worse. Wanting to escape from his mothers lifestyle, Joseph moves out of his family home in Minnesota, and gets his own place. Joe’s apartment is a major symbolic reference, displaying his urgency to detach from him mother and her lifestyle. His intent to find closure in eliminating his mother from his life shows true maturity. Although the conflict with his mother extreme, more areas of Joseph’s life cause ongoing

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