Summary Of ' Let 's Go ' Essays

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“Let’s go,” I say following him to the door. Absolem here we come.
We start at city hall and search for information. The search is gruelling and to no avail. There are no missing persons named “Alice.” In fact there is no record of an Alice with my description anywhere. Just like he promised, he takes me on a tour with a dual purpose; to show me the city and to see if anything jogs my memory.
As we walk there are people pointing and staring. Erik smiles and waves at them all. Occasionally he stops to talk to people, a, “How’s the family” here or a, “Did you get the promotion?” there. He really cares about these people. Everyone seems to love him; he must be a great leader. He may have said that he is tired of being a politician but I think he loves his job. I guess that woman was wrong about him. For some strange reason, I still don’t want to tell him about the woman from last night. It isn’t important Alice. Just forget about it.
He takes me to the library, to the shopping centre, to parks and to the theatre. This city is so wonderful that it almost feels like a dream. Every place that we go makes me like the city more. Nothing is ringing any bells as far as memory goes; I don’t think this is where I used to live. This may not have been my home, but I think it could be. He takes me to a quiet little bistro for lunch.
“So many people admire you,” I say.
“I’m not sure they admire me,” he says, “I’m not sure why they would. I’m just doing my job like everyone else.”…

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