Summary Of Karl Marx 's ' The Communist Manifesto ' Essay

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通し番号01-039: Classroom instruction (80-90 words)
(Narrator): Listen to a college political science professor talk to a class.
(Man/Woman): Karl Marx was a very famous political figure. Karl Marx wrote a book called, “The Communist Manifesto”. Now, several government systems are based on “The Communist Manifesto”. This government system is called “Communism”. “Communism” is when the government owns all of a country 's resources and food. In a “Communist” country, all of the resources, food, and money are divided evenly among the people of the country. Karl Marx liked this system, because he thought it would make everyone equally rich. However, in most countries, communism didn’t make everyone equal. (89 words)
Q. What is the title of the book the teacher talks about?
1. “Divided Evenly Among the People”
2. “Karl Marx”
3. “The Communist Manifesto”
4. “Resources and food”
Q. What is “communism”
1. When the government has no money.
2. When money moves from business to business.
3. When the government owns all of the country’s resources and food.
4. When Karl Marx wrote “The Communist Manifesto”
Q. Why did Karl Marx like the system of communism?
1. Because he thought he would make money.
2. He thought it would make people equally rich.
3. He really liked writing books.
4. He thought it would make businesses better.

通し番号01-040: Classroom instruction (80-90 words)
(Narrator): Listen to a college economics professor talk to a class.…

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