Summary Of Juan Gonzalez 's Harvest Of Empire Essay

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A Colonized State of Mind
One cannot truly understand the present unless they take the past into account. Having read the introduction and first chapter of Juan Gonzalez’s Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America, one can piece together some interesting points about the early history of Latinos, as well as the colonization that occurred several hundred years ago. Upon analyzing the early stages of the Spanish conquests and considering the social issues Latinos faced throughout history, one can draw the conclusion that the colonization of the indigenous people is what predetermined Latinos’ place within society. Because these colonists’ unceasing efforts to spread their religion and reinvent the indigenous people of the americas, they set a permanent mindset that sets these ethnic groups beneath Anglo Americans.
Firstly, it is vital to assess the foundations in which the Europeans set the stage for this new social order. In the beginning, the native people lived as they pleased and established functioning societies in which they met their needs. However, the Spanish conquests brought a certain change that forever altered the face of the Americas as these colonists began to live amongst the natives. Spanish colonists saw these natives as very uncivilized and barbaric beings due to the differences in their practices and beliefs, and these forever set them apart from the European norm. Although it is easier to focus on the negative side, there were a few cases in…

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