Research Paper On Latino Tokenism

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Latino Tokenism It is unprecedented Latinos/as are now the largest minority group in the United States, soon to be the majority of the across the country, meaning the future of this country is in the hands of the Latino people. As mentioned in Twenty-first Century Dynamics of Multiculturalism Beyond Post-Racial America, “All the talk of many years about the sleeping giant, well, he’s awake and running now… Eventually, I’ll be able to interview the first Hispanic president of the United States. That’s what’s coming, and I have to be part of that transformation. (Rohter, 2013:4). Latinos/os ever expanding population across the country take influence of politics and electing officials in the United States. “Politically, the 2012 U.S. presidential …show more content…
“By 2039, ethnic and racial minorities will make up a majority of the U.S. working-age population, helping to support a disproportionately elderly white population through Social Security and other payroll taxes-with Latinas and Latinos in the forefront, as more than one in for person ages 18 to 64 will be Latina/o (Yen,2013a)” (Urbina 274). Latinos/as are progressing forward by getting involved in many career paths. For example, most of the labor workforce is held by Latinos/as. A Crucial economical key boosting the United States economy, allowing the country to be a government powerhouse. More and more Latinos are being seen around the social media platform. This allows encouragement with the Latino community by providing help and resources. As well spreading political messages across platforms to further Latino and Latina involvement in politics. Slowey but surely the message is being received by the Latino community as more are being elected as government officials. As a Latino I could not be prouder with the change occurring in the United States, and the what the future hold for the Latino people. The sleeping giant is now awake, in full speed on changing the outcomes in pollical races and society. This will only be seen as long if Latinos and Latinas stay true to their roots, not forgetting where they came from. Latinos and Latinos should consider themselves as a force because of the hardships many went through to become a respectable U.S. citizen, instead of a pawn to manipulate the Latino people, continuing modern slavery educated Latinos and Latinas managed to

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