Summary Of Jay Heinrich's Thank You For Arguing

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How many arguments do you have on a daily basis? How many of those daily “battles” do you win? Jay Heinrich, the author of Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us about the Art of Persuasion, knows all too well about arguing manipulation because he is a father and a married man. By reading Thank You for Arguing will increase the win to loss ratio for your daily arguments by teaching one to argue the “right” way, use the right tools, and successfully manipulate Aristotle’s three persuasive tools. Jay Heinrichs, the author of Thank You for Arguing, gave every individual who read his novel the opportunity to become an arguement master, professional, and simply smarter at the argument mentality game. Heinrichs …show more content…
A student can read this novel once, as it’s listed as a 7.0 reading level, with ease but barely understand the true meanings the author intended to be taken from the novel. The novel being so complex causes the reader to re-read many parts to ensure that they can determine the true meaning of what they have just read. The reader has the tools to be an excellent arguer but the reader has to understand the language the author is using so that the reader can use the information successfully. The constant dialogue in the novel was very confusing to me while I read and was trying to absorb the new learned information especially how the author revisits the same information but changes the meanings after the first explanation.
Thank You for Arguing is a novel that teaches one the art of arguing and persuasion. Heinrichs wrote this novel to older individuals that would understand this novel and the complexity of it. Heinrich not only gives the reader valuable knowledge about the tools used to win arguments but also shows one how to use them successfully. The reader most beneficial from this novel would be someone interested in manipulating people to “win” arguments they never would have thought they could win but with Heinrichs novel they can master the art of

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