Summary Of ' House ' With My Younger Sister And Our Dolls ' Essay

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When I was little, I used to play "house" with my younger sister and our dolls. Because I was the oldest, I was always the Mother. My doll 's duties were consistently the same. My character would wake up, prepare breakfast, take the child to school, clean the house, read a book, bring the child home from school, make dinner, put the child to bed and go to sleep. We played this game almost everyday in our fully finished basement in our house at 1842 North Fremont street. This imaginary lifestyle was influenced by my mother. My mom stayed at home and took care of us while my dad held a steady job at the family business. Money was never an issue for our family, and poverty was an easy problem to forget while growing up in Lincoln Park-- a majority white and upper-middle class neighborhood. What I didn 't realize was that there were kids, four blocks away, who were living a very different life. Instead of playing with their dolls, blocks, or dresses, they might have a stuffed animal or few books. My mom shaped my upbringing and perspective, because she was always with us. For some mothers in Chicago, quality family time, like the time I received, is a rare occurrence; many women are forced to spend more time at work, trying to support their family. Additionally, many don 't have the economic advantage of a spouse 's income. What I wasn 't aware of was that there were mothers living without their husbands, and kids living without their toys, right around the corner. In…

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