Summary Of Harley Davidson's Mission Statement

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The organization’s mission, vision, and values. What does it tell you about the company, their culture, their direction? Does it convey the purpose and primary objectives of the company? If so, how, if not what is missing?
Based on the Harley Davidson’s mission, vision, and value statements the message is clear and not complex. H-D is committed to fulfilling dreams and creating memorable experiences for their customers and their core values define the manner in which that should happen from a customer service standpoint. Event though each of their five core values are simple and no more than three words long, which are 1. Tell the truth 2. Be fair 3. Keep your promises 4. Respect the individual 5. Encourage intellectual curiosity and are essential
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H-D does a good job of developing pillars that are supportive and in alignment with all three of them. Three of the strategic goals that H-D has developed deal with increase. For example, Growth is an increase in business. Leadership development is an increase of knowledge and Continuous improvement is an increase in innovation and lastly. Sustainability which is an increase of job security. In H-D’s mission statement there is a statement directed towards “providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services” in which is supported by two of the strategic pillars which are growth and continuous improvement. In support of the vision statement both the leadership development and continuous improvement pillars are in support of H-D’s commitment of making exceptional customer service experiences and innovation of their products. However, H-D’s core values and strategic pillars are not as clear but the implementation of these core values help define and set the frame work for the mindset of the employees they want working for them. They want people that reflect their core values like telling the truth, being fair, keep their promises, respect other individuals and encourage intellectual curiosity (Satterfield, …show more content…
Project LiveWire is Harley-Davidson’s first ever electric motorcycle. Not only did Harley-Davidson try their hand at an electrical motorcycle show that they are willing to try something new but also that they are innovative and trying to gain a competitive advantage.
Does the organization have a strategy for competing in international markets? Does it appear to have a solid understanding of local customer needs and preferences to create customized products or services? Does it appear to know how to transfer company expertise to initiate actions to compete internationally?
Harley Davidson does have a proven international marketing strategy that allows them to compete internationally, Brazil, India, England and Singapore are just a few of the international markets where H-D has decided to set up shop. As noted in the SWOT Analysis H-D has a strength in the international market yet their weakness is gaining European market shares. H-D has been able to break into the international market but have not figured out the right mix that would give them the majority of the market shares in all their competing

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