Summary Of Article ' Our Sight ' Essay

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Summary of Article.
Summary of Article. Our sight is one of the most important parts of our senses we cherish mostly because, it is used not only to see things, but to distinguish between good looking things and bad, pictorial expression of things describes and colors. Let us focus on the latter point – the use of colors. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, there is a strong collection between we humans behavior and colors. When we see colors, it affects our decision making on things from what to wear, to what to buy. It also affects our emotions and actions. The use of the right color induces human mood and emotions, whether in a good way or bad. It influences consumer behavior and perspective over a product and help companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. With this at the back of their mind, retail industry and producers make good use of hue a lot and gain from it but only if the right hue is used.
The article – “are you using the right color: a cross-culture review of color as a marketing cue” – written by Mubeen M. Aslum discusses how people react to colors socially and psychologically in the market depending on which country they live in. This will help producers to focus more on what their target market really loves and want. By the end of his article, answers were given to four big questions producers need to know. First, do colors have different meaning in different culture? Second, should a maker adopts a pan-culture or a culture-specific…

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