Summary Of A Sermon Preached By Samson Occom

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The author Samson Occom was the first Native American author to publish his works in English. Today, He is considered the father of modern Native American literature. Occom wrote the first Indian autobiography and made it a genre. His hymns and sermons were influenced by his religious life. Also, Occom wrote his works due to Christianity, betrayal, and inequality.
Samson Occom was born in 1723 at Mohegan near New London, Connecticut. He has little communication with the colonists for fifteen years due to his Mohegan culture lifestyle. When the Great Awakening happen in the 1730s, Occom converted to a Christian at age sixteen. In the year 1742, Occom acquired leadership in his tribe at the age of nineteen. A year later, his mother enrolled him in Reverend Eleazar Wheelock's private school on December 17,1743. He studied there for four years, learning English, Latin, Greek, and a bit of Hebrew. Occom's eyesight
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The writing style is more conversational than his" A Sermon Preached by Samson Occom." The first concern expressed in this passage: "I was born a heathen and bought up in heathenism, till I was 16 & and 17 years of age, at a place called Mohegan, in New London, Connecticut, in New England (Occom 448)," demonstrate his views on the Mohegan tradition. Occom conveys his detestation on the tradition after converting to Christianity. It does not mean that Occom hates it completely. His writings still use the Native American oral language. Moreover, Occom illustrated in this last section: "I can't help that God has made me so; I did not make myself so- (Occom 452)," embraced Christian views of how God created humans. His belief is that God intended Occom to be Native for the purpose of being converted to Christianity. Nonetheless, it is not his justification to sway the Indians since he cannot persuade them and the

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