Summary Of A Pair Of Tickets By Amy Tan

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Jing-mei is the main character in the short story “ A Pair of Tickets”, by Amy Tan. Jing-mei undergoes some changes in her life. As the author presents the main character to us, she is a thirty six year old Caucasian women, who does not accept herself as being Chinese. However, after her mother’s death, Jing-mei realized the truth. Amy Tan in her short story emphasizes the changing of perspective views of Jing-mei’s life and pursuing the dream of her deceased mother. In my opinion, no one should forget who they are and from where their ancestors came. And in this story the main character does realize who she is, once she goes to visit China for the first time in her life “ the minute our train leaves the Hong Kong border and enters Shenzhen, …show more content…
“ I get the sense I am going from one funeral to another. In my hand I’m clutching a pair of tickets to Shanghai. The plane takes off. I close my eyes. How can I describe to them in my broken Chinese about our mother’s life? Where should I begin?”. The reader can see that the character realizes disadvantages of not knowing her native language well. The character becomes more mature and understands what does family really meant. Jing-mei feels upset when she was saying goodbye to her great-aunt “I think about all the different ways we leave people in this world. Cheerily waving good-bye to someone at the airports, knowing we’ll never see each other again. Leaving other on the side of the road, hoping that we will. Finding my mother in my father’s story and saying good-bye before I have a chance to know her better” (paragraph …show more content…
She was very happy and exited to see her sisters, they ran to each other and hugged murmuring “Mama, Mama”. The only thing that Jing-mei was upset about was that her mom was not there with them. This was the day that her mother was dreaming of all her life. As a reader, I can see the change in Jing-mei. She realized who she is and she made her mother’s dream come true “ And now I also see what part of me is Chinese. It is so obvious. It is my family. It is in our blood. After all these years, it can finally be let go. I know we all see it: Together we look like our mother. Her same eyes, her same mouth, open in surprise to see, at last, her long-cherished with” (paragraph

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