Summary Of ' A Guy Walked ' Essay

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A guy walked by. One by one everyone looked at him, apparently some of my friends found him attractive. I couldn’t see what was so captivating about his features that made my best friends track him down with their eyes. While they were too busy stalking the guy, I turned around to look at the entertainment that suddenly got interesting, I was laughing while my best friends were getting hyped about that guy. Who was that guy anyways, I wondered. Suddenly it came rushing back to me that this was the same guy I went to chucky cheese with. Let me back track. One of my best friend, Almas decided to have a sleepover. My dad being out of town that weekend, I did not have a ride to her house, my other best friend, Hibba thoughtfully offered me a ride to Almas’s house. She asked me if it was alright to make a stop at chucky cheese for her younger cousin’s birthday before going to Almas’s house. At first I was uncomfortable with the idea of going. However she assured me that only her aunt and the little cousin would be there, therefore I decided to attend his birthday. As I got in the car, some guy was sitting in the front seat trying to look at who I was through the front mirror, not obvious at all. I looked at Hibba and started having a mind to mind conversation, asking who this guy was. She quietly whispered that he was her older cousin, who decided to show up last minute.
Chucky cheese was one of those places I avoided going after turning eleven, I thought I was too old and…

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