Essay about Summary Of ' A Composer 's ' The Making ' Munich '

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Chapter 4 ? A Composer in the Making: Munich?

And the maestro?who was a very great man?felt that she was the only one who understood. As it is always, it is to the one who understands to whom we turn, so after this the maestro found himself unconsciously teaching just that one person in class b. He would have scoffed at the notion had you been bold enough to accuse him of it, but nevertheless the truth remained. Mabel Daniels[footnoteRef:-1] [-1: Mabel Daniels, notebook (featuring orchestration notes, commentary on opera productions, and a short story fragment), c. 1901-1954, folder 48, Daniels Papers.]

This quotation concludes a two-page draft of what appears to have been the beginnings of a short story that Mabel Daniels wrote in her unpublished diary. The excerpt describes a moment in which the maestro identified an unassuming female student as being the most knowing in the class, which in Daniels?s sketch consisted otherwise of outwardly pretentious?in one way or another?men. Mabel Daniels distinguished herself as the first woman to study score reading at the Royal Conservatory in Munich where she also studied composition and voice. In this passage of fiction Daniels was likely relating her own experience of being the lone female in a man?s world. No doubt studying in Munich stimulated her imagination to project an image of exceptional success for herself as a woman. Daniels was aware of her success even if few others, among them the maestro,…

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