Summary : ' My Tall 6 ' Essay

1527 Words Jun 3rd, 2015 null Page
Jowharaay Ahmed
WR-121 Cullom
Etho 2 As people say, “Practice makes perfect.” This definitely applies to essay number two for me. The reason why i say that is because this assignment seemed so hard but once the interview and the part of asking to interview someone is all done with, it gets easier. For me, The interviewing part was the easiest because i already knew and felt very comfortable with my interviewee . Although i 've known her for such a long time, her and i never really talked about her background and what it was like for her to be raised In Saudi Arabia be an american now.
I interviewed this beautiful tall 6’1 model figure women named ashwag. With brown eyes and very pretty eyebrows, she can kill any man with just a look. Eyes and lips so small, but still completes her circular face. As tall as she may be, she is always looking so stylish with tall high heels and very well put together outfit. She attends school right here at Portland Community College majoring in dentistry . Ashwaq and I along some other friends were actually going out to dinner couple nights after we were assigned this paper. Asking her was not a problem at all, but figuring out who to ask was. Once i asked her to help me out with this assignment, she agreed as i knew she would. With her having her own homework as well, we did not get to it that week but we figured out a time that worked for both of us the following week. The interview was suppose to be held at her home but since her…

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