The Experience Of The Hijab In High School

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“What’s that ugly thing you 're wearing on your head? Are you bald?” Today was the first day back from winter break in the fifth grade I stood in line waiting for class to begin. I was nervous and excited because I decided to wear the hijab for the first time to school. That morning before school started I must have changed my outfit about a dozen times everything needed to look perfect. I wore a fuchsia colored blouse with flowers long black skirt and ballerina slippers I was dressed to impress. Today was the day i show everyone at school the new me. I remember from an early age I always wanted to be more like my mother. And one of the things that made me feel more like her was walking around the house wearing her Hijab. But standing in line on that Monday morning I …show more content…
People from nearly all walks of life are represented on the school’s campus. Many people here even looked just like me something I was not use coming from my old school. There was were I meet girl named Sarah she told me about her experiences dealing with wearing hijab too and we shared many similarities thing we’ve been helped me come to terms with the in battle I was having with coming to grips with me wearing the hijab. Now that I as amongst students that represent different types of people, I felt like I’ve finally found the place I belong. I have made lasting connections with peers that have dealt with the same issues and we’ve had the opportunity to share our experiences together. Knowing what it has felt like to be on the outside I really appreciated how open-minded others have become over the past couple of years and not treating each other any differently based on the religious

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