Sumire Language Analysis

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Sumire learns English as an additional language. She works hard to extend her vocabulary by asking for clarification or by giving examples of her previous experiences to check her understanding. Sumire listens attentively during whole class discussions. She loves stories and she can use short sentences or simple words to communicate her opinion.

Sumire has good gross and fine motor skills. She can move in a variety of ways both in the garden where she likes to run around, and in our PE sessions. Sumire can hold pencil effectively and she can form many recognizable letters, most of them are formed correctly. Equally she uses scissors, tweezers and paintbrushes with accuracy and care. Sumire is a healthy eater and she is always willing to try new food. Sumire can manage her own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully and with very little
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She has made enormous progress in her reading and she has developed effective strategies how to decode long and irregular words. We often have to borrow more books from our library for Sumire to read. Sumire likes to test my reading skills and she often brings her favourite book about princess Sofia to school. She follows the text closely and corrects any possible imprecision. She can use pictures and context to understand unfamiliar words. Reading with Sumire is always a joy. Sumire is able to use her phonic knowledge to spell and write short sentences. Many simple words including high frequency irregular words are spelled correctly. What an achievement Sumire!

Sumire can talk and recreate simple patterns, she recognizes basic 2D and some 3D shapes. She can count past 20 and she can find 1 more or 1 less than a given number. She uses counting spontaneously in her play and she can add and subtract single digit numbers. When playing in our pretend pet shop Sumire likes to work with the cashier and she is happy to write a receipt for her customers adding the numbers

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