Suicidal Thoughts On Young Australians By Cyberbullying, Neglect And Traumatic Incidents

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Every individual in the world is either struggling with personal or social issues which may have a detrimental effect on their physical, mental and emotional health, which may affect the way they make their decisions in particular situations. When an individual believes they have explored every possible avenue to solve their problem but still have not reached a positive conclusion and cannot seem to carry on, many individuals resort to death as the solution to get rid of their issues because they will no longer have to experience them. This essay is going to discuss the going factors that are including suicidal thoughts in young Australians by cyberbullying, neglect and traumatic incidents.
Studies by the Australian institute of health and welfare (AIHW 2016) have illustrated, that suicide is the major cause of death among young individuals in Australians. An additional study has also indicated that only in the year 2013, 2522 people had passed away because they had committed suicide and an estimated 65,000 had made an attempt in committing suicide. The causes of their deaths can be understood through social and personal factors such as physical agony, emotional distress and mental distress. Physical agony is when an individual 's body has been impaired in some shape or form, meaning they cannot function as they once used too, which in turn leads to a great deal of emotional and mental distress as memories and ideas of a better life keep occupying their thoughts and…

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