Successful Youth Of Drake Essay

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The annotated bibliography that follows is divided into three sections. The first section contains an overview of the program, Successful Youths of Drake in hopes of being created in the Drake neighborhood. This includes: the program overview and evidence supporting why this project will be beneficial. The second section contains statistical data over the Drake neighborhood, including census data dealing with race and poverty. The third section contains reasons explaining why this program should begin, this includes: answering what will be accomplished, the impact on the community, financial investments, short-term or long term change, and who’s being impacted. The fourth section is comparing other successful projects, this includes examples of other projects being done in the United States and the success rate.
Section One
I want to fix the discrepancy with
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This program will teach students work ethic and the process of doing applications. It teaches work ethic because it shows that getting help is okay and it will hopefully show that hard work and determination will help someone to get into college. To get into college requires many applications for admission and for scholarships, it will be beneficial for these students to get help from people who have also been in their position. Critics may say that the students can go to the library and get a free ACT prep test online. However, interaction is a key factor to the success of the students. Without interaction, students may never get the help they need to be more successful. Some students may not know exactly what they are struggling with, but with this program the staff members can help the students identify the rough patches and help them fix those. Also, it is helpful to get help from a person rather than a

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