Successful Life Past And Present Essay

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Successful Life Past and Present

It is frequently repined by a multitude of Americans that not all citizens are given a fair chance to be successful in our country. The successful life can be thought of having some money and being debt free before the last half to the 3rd quarter of one’s life. However, many also think that having a nice car or house can also be considered as a successful life. Although numerous Americans think that it’s not possible to be this successful in America, due to an insufficiency of jobs or unfair limits that can pull one away from this goal, a countless amount of statistical studies prove that many employers are actually searching for people to hire.

Now-a-days it seems like Americans don’t have that same goal to be successful any more. It seems like they don’t want to start from scratch and want everything given to them. They don’t want to start out working as a sewer cleaner or a lumberjack because they are “too good for these jobs.” They would rather live off of the government’s unemployment or welfare programs. These programs that the government has created have been abused and have encouraged Americans not to work hard in life. This has caused people to not work as hard because they don’t have to.

It has been proven true that you can earn more money by living on welfare than having a real job. For a fact the average total spending towards each household in poverty is higher than the median income per day. This fact just proves why so…

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