Success Of Steve Jobs

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It was hard to predict how Apple would do without the legendary Steve Jobs. The success of Apple Company was depending on the new CEO, Tim Cook and the rest of Apple’s management team. No doubt that Steve Jobs contributed to the success of Apple after he returned, he built a unique culture and established a solid foundation as the most powerful and influential technology company on the planet. However, since Tim Cook replaced the fabled Steve Jobs, he has led the iBehemoth to even greater financial success. Cook found his public voice as a leader and changed the culture of the company (Fortune, 2015). To elaborate, since Jobs died, Apple’s stock has soared from a split-adjusted $54 to a recent $126, translating into a market capitalization well worth of $700 billion, the first company to cross that level. Apple’s market value is more than double that of either Exxon Mobil or Microsoft according to Fortune Magazine (Lashinsky, 2015). So, it is important to note that Apple’s success has also to do with its current leadership and management team effectiveness.
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Williams is the senior vice president of Operations since 2004. Jeff Williams is simply the guy that makes Apple run; he is the most trusted lieutenants of Tim Cook. Previously, he headed a team of people around the world in charge for end to end supply chain management and committed to ensuring that Apple products meet the highest standards of quality (Apple, 2015). He was also responsible for leading worldwide procurement since 1998. And with the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Jeff played a key role in the company’s entry into the mobile phone market, and he is headed worldwide operations for iPhone and iPod since that time (Apple, 2015). According to Fortune magazine, “Apple beats expectations on strong iPhone sales with profits grew 31%; earnings per share grew 38%, and sales in China nearly doubled” (Elmer-DeWitt,

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