Success Of Ho Chi Minh

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Register to read the introduction… Therefore, in May 1941, he founded the Viet Minh (League for the independence of Vietnam). The Viet Minh (VM) was a national independence movement that was initially formed to seek liberation from the French empire as well as to defeat imperialist Japan. The VM was heavily influenced by nationalists groups across Indochina, especially the Indochinese Communist Party (ICP), which was also founded by Ho Chi Minh. While Ho was the founder and architect of the Viet Minh, the main figure of the military development was Vo Nguyen Giap. Implacable and having great abilities as an organiser, Giap was the ideal choice for a military General. He completely understood the works and writings of Mao, Trotsky, Sun Tzu and Napoleon- and was able to create his own methods and war tactics. General Giap alongside the Viet Minh became very successful and achieved many goals. The outstanding successes of the Viet Minh included: overthrowing Japanese control in Vietnam during World War II, the defeat of France in the First Indochinese War, winning the hearts and minds of the people in Vietnam and gaining Independence of …show more content…
From the 26th of April 1954, representatives of France, USSR and the United States met in Geneva, Switzerland to solve the problem that had risen from the war between North and South Vietnam. At the conference, it was decided that Vietnam would officially be split at the 17th parallel, into Communist-controlled North Vietnam (under Ho and the Viet Minh) and South Vietnam (under Bao Dai). It was also agreed in the conference that France must withdraw from North Vietnam and the Viet Minh withdraw from North Vietnam. Finally, in 1954, the countries in Indochina had gained independence from …show more content…
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