Subway Essay

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I decided to spend my 30 minutes by subway on the couches down stairs. As the food oriented location on campus. To be more specific on my location I will start by describing how you get here. Well lets pretend that you are by the library well you take a quick stroll to the left towards the stairs. As you head down the stairs you have to stay on the left side of the stairs and follow the railing. If you do that as soon as you reach the bottom of the stairs you 'll see three couches on the left side of you. I was sitting in the middle chair, and to be precise the time I had written down is 6:10 p.m. and its Thursday the 22nd. As I paid attention to the social participants in the setting in front of me I noticed groups of people sitting down conversing. I see two ladies cleaning the tables and the floors. I personally would not have noticed that and pointed it out. But after todays class I do feel differently now that I see them cleaning. One of the reasons is due to the fact that I have never seen a man clean this area by subway. As far back as I can recall I have never seen a man clean that area. Which …show more content…
And they are all on there phones while eating. They look like the play sports or at least you assume because they appear to be wearing basketball gear. Two of the men are eating while on there phones and the third man is drinking a soda. They do not appear to be too social with each other. But overall they seem to be having a good time enjoying each others presence. From what I can tell at the moment nothing other than what I said can be interoperated in another way. I have not been here long enough to really make any decisions as to why some men and woman act a certain way. I have only been here for thirty minutes. For the most people everyone seemed relaxed where they were at. Besides those certain examples I mentioned were I said I could have interoperated it

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