Suburban Areas Of The United States Essay

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groups into cities, whereas as suburban areas are mainly made up of whites. 15.7 % is low due to my belief from American Apartheid that most cities where made up of majority black citizens. But having known that Lancaster has a heavy population of Hispanics and Latinos it did come as a surprise to me that this number was so high. Despite this 0.7% of African Americans in census tract 135.03 is very low which proves the neighborhoods lack of multiple ethnicities and Massey and Denton 's reports on minority discrimination and isolation. In addition to finding census data about Lancaster city and my census tract we looked at the change over time to figure out more data. Setting the year to 2000 we looked at the same information to see the gradual change over time. The first set to analyze is the percent of people from 2000 in "management, business, science, and art occupations" for the census tract 135.03 is 61% when the present day percentage is 69% giving almost a ten point increase. In Lancaster city the 2000 census data shows 21.4% when presently it is a 25% representing a 4 point increase. Both data sets show the gradual change over the 15 year period which a good sign because of the importance of the occupations as they are high paying and important to contributions to cities and communities. The poverty rates between the year of 2000 and present have shown little to no change in terms of the two locations being analyzed. In 2000 in the census tract of 135.03 was at…

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