The Emperor's Club Character Analysis

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In the movie, The Emperor's Club, there is a man named Mr. Hundert who works at St. Benedictus, a prep school. His career is teaching boys and trying to mold their character. Mr. Hundert gets a student named Sedgewick Bell, who is headstrong and the senator's son in his class. Mr. Hundert struggles with Sedgewick Bell but tries his best to be able to teach him. Throughout the movie, Mr.Hundert gives Mr. Bell chances to show his intelligence. He knows that Mr. Bell potential and wants him to be successful. In the end, Mr. Bell proves that Mr. Hundert has failed him as a teacher. According to Mr.Hundert, "A man's character is his fate." Mr. Hundert expresses this quote because he believes that a man's character will help him with his future. Mr.Hundert prepares his students and is …show more content…
Among those quotes, there are messages that teach us about the importance of character, how stupidity can last forever, and how a teacher has a job to teach children many lessons including lessons about life and academics. I can relate to this movie because I had a teacher in eighth grade, who had the same qualities as Mr. Hundert. For example, regarding character, my teacher taught me about the importance of self -advocacy and how to reach out to help high school and college. These lessons of self -advocacy lead me to become more responsible for my own academic success. My eighth-grade teacher also pointed out that stupidity will not get you far in life. For example, he often tells the class what situations you will need to be responsible for the future. In conclusion, my eighth-grade teacher was not just a typical teacher. He was always there for me to listen or suggest any advice about life. In life, there will always be a teacher like Mr. Hundert who will help their student to be successful in all areas of life. As an education teacher, I would like to be the type of teacher, who will teach and also care for my

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